Monday, January 19, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

There's a reason why there's a series of books, and subsequently a movie, by the name of A Series of Unfortunate Events -- because they DO happen in a series!!

It all started when I lost the TV remote. The TV remote!! I don't mean the living room that could have fell into any of the crevices in the couch, I am talking about the bedroom one! I got up, turned the TV on, casually tossed the remote on top of the blanket and it was never to be seen again!! I removed BOTH blankets from the bed; looked on the floor around the bed; Hubby even lifted the mattress. Nope! Not a sign! Ugh!

Then what's arguably one of God's best invention - my space heater - died!! It's been making some strange noises for a while now... that's what you get for buying the cheapest money can get. :( Then it just stopped. Alas. Luckily I was already ready that morning.

THEN! That night when I came home from work, I discovered that one of my kitties -- most likely CC knocked over a half-empty glass of water and my laptop was sitting on top of a small puddle of water!! Luckily my 220-pages Star Ocean Official Study Guide was faithfully lying between the glass and the laptop and soaked up most of the water. Even so, my laptop was still dripping with water when I picked it up.

My luck finally turned when, after drying for 24 hours, we were able to remove the harddrive from my laptop AND retrieve the data from it!!! Then, after replugging it back into my laptop... well, long story short, I am blogging from my laptop!! :)

THEN! The remote control resurfaced!!! Just fell onto the ground, from somewhere between the bed frame and the mattress!! Why Hubby didn't spotted it when he lifted the mattress we'll never know. I'm not complaining!

AND! When Hubby took apart the space heater -- one of God's best gift to mankind -- to try to fix it for me, it's working again!!! (Not sure for how much longer, but what the heck! :)

Hopefully this bad streak is over. :)

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