Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Series of Frustrating Incidents

I've been very grumpy this evening because of a series of frustrating, invigorating technical incidents. I'll try to recount them in chronological order:

- Acquired a RPG game without the instruction booklet

- Evidently one can find just about anything on the internet (including but not limited to the making of a bomb, so I heard) EXCEPT for the instruction booklet

- I've found FAQs that give me more information about the game EXCEPT for the instruction booklet. People will go above and beyond to make the actual GAME available online, but NOT the instruction booklet... go figure

- Went to the well known GameFly site and contemplated signing up to them and an online rep (via live chat) popped up and asked me if he (could be a she, I guess) could help me so I specifically asked if I will have access to the instruction booklet if I rent games from them. "Yes," he reassured me, "it'll be available as PDF once we mailed you the game."

- Signed up for GameFly and guess what? No instruction booklet!!!!! For for this specific game!!!!

- Emailed customer support, which on their website said will respond "within 24 hours," it's been 36 hours and counting. "Excellent customer service, GameFly!!"

- Have I mentioned that the one customer service number (which I am sure is meant for those who has NOT YET signed up) was very hidden, and convinently operate between the hours of 9 AM - 1 PM PT, when I'll be at work.

- Wanted to go that night to purchase the Complete gaming menu, but as luck will have it, it was after Best Buy's operating hour. The Borders closest to me was out of stock. The FIVE Barnes & Nobles closest to me none have the book in stock!! (I looked on their respective websites. I did not called them. Despite my persistent search, I DO have a life...)

- Finally acquired the Complete Manual, suprisingly it contains just about everything about the game EXCEPT for the piece of information that I was looking for. Okay, I haven't read the entire manual from cover to cover yet. I guess it could be an overlook on my part

- Change of pace and went to play with my iPod Touch instead, a bunch of PODCASTS from iTunes conveniently will not load onto my second generation iPod Touch. If the "the file has not been transferred because this format cannot be played on your iPod" error message was annoying, it was not as annoying as after I had accidentally check the "do not show this message again" box. So now instead of letting me know that my iPod does not support formats like mp4, gif, jpg, and iTunes own podcasts, it just does nothing. No errors, no messages, just nothing.

- Bought a bunch of DVDs from Amazon and they arrived today (highlight of my day). Really in the mood to go and leave the seller a RAVING feedback, but guess what? Evidently there is no link on Amazon to leave a positive feedback for their independent sellers prematurely until THEY decided it's time to send you the link. Four weeks from now I can't be bothered to follow the link to leave a feedback. Why should the awesome seller be penalized for Amazon bizarre way of doing things?

- Last but not the least, I've received in the mail a form from ASPCA that the pet insurance for my beloved cat is overdue and to "complete this form and fax back to us." Guess what? You guessed it, the letter has everything on it BUT a fax number. Are you kidding me? Seriously??

- As a side note, also found out that when the battery in my iPod Touch dies, Apple will conveniently replace a new one for me for a low, low cost of $85. No problem, just another trip to the money tree in my backyard...

If you are a total stranger AND finished reading this entire blog then I'm not sure which of us have more of a life, you or me. And if after reading this entry you are dying to find out what game I am talking about, it's

and the complete manual that'll tell you about everything you will ever want to know about the game:

Can a person truly be so unfortunate? Oh wait, I still have a job to go back to tomorrow. Deep breath. Deep breath.

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