Wednesday, January 7, 2009

LOCH '83

So I received Legend of the Condor Heroes (LOCH '83) in the mail!! Woohoo!! That's this one:

First of all: Wow, loved the seller on Amazon. Super fast shipping. Rediculously low shipping & handling charges. I felt for sure the dude will pull the discs out and ship them in sleeves and told me something like "Yeah, they are from a box set, but I didn't ship the boxes." Noooo, I got them the way TVB intended.

Watching a king fu show back from 25 years ago (WOW!) provides a whole different level entertainment, especially when you watch it with your WHITE husband. For starters, the tackiness had passed the point of annoyance and straigt to hilarious. A few examples:

(1) You can tell the weapons are very light stuff wrapped in aluminum foil
(2) Since it was filmed in Hong Kong, most of the "outdoor" scenes were obviously shot in studios
(3) A scene when two guys were fighting on ice I could SWEAR I saw ice skates on their feet
(4) Another scene when a large piece of ice (big enough to hold a polar bear) were sent flying in the air and then chopped up, the filming crew obviously sliced up a THIN piece of styrofoam and tossed it into the air... couldn't they have at least used a thicker one?
(5) A scene a guy was shot by arrows, the arrows only stayed "in" the corpse for the other guy to examine because the dead guy was obviously holding onto them with his hands

I laughed so hard. It was like high school on stage performance. Hahaha. I only hope that Hubby can put up with me for a few more episodes. ;)

Oh yeah, the translation was PROFESSIONAL quality. No, I am not being facetious. Many of the lines I would have translated the same way. So far I was not able to pick out any blaring errors. And believe me, I am good at that.

Overall: great entertainment value. Let me go check and see what year Return of the Legend of the Conor Heroes were made in. :)

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