Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hubby and Tonkatsu*

Hubby likes tonkatsu. My friend A has tonkatsu recipe. Great, right? I got recipe from her, passed it onto Hubby. Hubby was making it one time (note: he had made it very successfully a few times before) and asked me, "How long do I fry these for?" Silly me, forgetting for a moment that he's a MAN, replied, "'til it's golden brown!" Five minutes later, the pork chop came out a few shades darker than "golden brown." Hubby said, "well, there are levels of browness!" "Yes, honey, and golden brown is the level." What was I thinking? Should have just said three mintues! A term that men can understand!

THEN, he poured himself some sauce and started eating without me. Grumbling about him not getting me tonkatsu sauce, I went to get it myself. I opened up the fridge and could not see the tonkatsu sauce in plain sight. You'd think that since Hubby just used it, it'll be the first thing I see. The only thing that remotely resembles tonkatu sauce is honey glazed teriyaki sauce!

"Ummmm, sweetie, are you using teriyaki sauce with your pork chop?"

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, is that what it is? I was just thinking why they don't taste like they do before!" =.=

And the whole time he thought the different taste was because of the OIL!


*Tonkatsu is Japanese style fried pork chop.

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