Sunday, August 23, 2009

Please Don't Make Your Problem My Problem

I worked many years in the medical field. Now that I am in a different field, I realized that medical field has it's very unique characteristics in that it holds you to a higher moral standard. Suspected children/spousal/elderly abuse must be reported. It's not an option. If you see any misconduct and you don't report it, you became responsible to the outcome. Imagine witnessing misconducts toward a patient and the patient died or sustained significant injuries because you did not report it... So you get the idea.

Well, I am no longer in the field of life and death. The worse you can see in the accounting field I guess is another Madorff, bottomline, nobody dies (suicides notwithstanding). Regardless, it has been ingrained in me that if I know of something and not report it, I became responsible for it also. So if anyone commits a crime of any sort, please don't tell me. If you have killed someone, don't confess to me, go to the police or a priest. If you have mowed down someone with your car and fled the scene, do NOT tell me. Definitely do not ask me to help you get rid of the body (see the movie Stuck.)

What's with people asking me at work, "Do I have to tell the truth on this?" "Can I lie?" What the f* is up with these people. Should I endorse you lying on the paper work? Do you truly expect me to say, "Yeah, yeah, just make up whatever you want?" While I am at it, should I forge your signature also to absolve you of any responsibilities? No! If you ask me the answer is a big, fat NO! Do not ask me! If you want to lie, lie! But lie to me too! I don't want to attest that what's on those paper are truth to the best of my knowledge! In fact, now that you've asked, I am going to wonder whether they are NOT true. Quit asking! And pick up some integrity while you are at it!

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