Monday, August 17, 2009

The Division of Labor

Ever since there were Adam and Eve, there have been division of labor... okay, that might be an exaggeration, I doubt Adam had to hunt and Eve had to gather... but every since Eve fucked up and got us kicked out of eden, men had to be hunters and women had to be gatherers. (I'm sure there are some deviations in different cultures, but overall, I'm pretty sure that's the gist of it.)

So lately I have been pondering about the division of labor in my relationship. I have a job, like most modern day women (at least they should have one); as do my husband. In addition to bringing home more dough than I, the husband also takes care of most of the cooking and cleaning!!! Yes, in the midst of rejoicing over how luck a woman I am, occasionally I do feel a silver of shame, but for the most part, just happy. :) My reflection upon my relationship brought me to this shocking discovery -- my sole contribution in this relationship is entertainment!!

I'm the one who keeps track of when all the good movies come out on DVD and rent them. Even if the husband watched the trailer with me, he'll still ask me when we sat down in front of the TV, "so what's this movie about?" I'm also the one who looks for all the good shows and put them on TiVo, and now on the iPod also. I'm definitely the person who purchase all the video games in the household. And I introduced my husband to fine cuisines of all ethnicity. And that's it!! My contribution ends there! (That and my measley income, of course.)

Mi oh mi, this relationship is really on rocky ground. LOL

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