Thursday, August 20, 2009

The 12 Most Annoying Types of Facebookers -

The 12 most annoying types of Facebookers -

Reading these technical articles lately can get quite disheartening. Yesterday I read a technical article on, not to be a grammar police or anything, but it used to be that it very, very rare to see any typo or grammatical error on a major newspaper, in this article consisting of five (5) short paragraphs, there were two, TWO. I could not believe my eyes. One error you can get away with saying "to err is human," two in a row is just sloppy. Plain sloppy.

Then I was reading this article about Facebook today. One would think that any one who'd qualify to write on anything technology related on will be quite qualified to review these latest, trendy applications. I found that hard to believe that the writer is an avid user of Facebook.

Let's look at what he wrote:-

1) The Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bore -- Was he wrong? No. But that has been the trend since the inception of Twitter. Is he not aware of the fact that he does not need to feed this particular friend's feed into his homepage if he's so bored out of his mind. (Yes, I literally read someone tweeding about watching paint dry on Twitter.... )

2) The Self-Promoter- again, use the wonderful feature of hiding this particular friend or not feed his posts into your main page.

3) The Friend-Padder - This is a two-part response:- 1) Okay, so what if someone adding 1000 friends just to show off? It's their perogative, where did that bitterness come from? 2) I have over 800 "friends" on my FB account. Are they really friends? No, I don't give a shit about most of them. Pretty sure they don't give a shit about me either. Then why do it, you ask? Because all the "social network games" encourages it. It's the only way to enjoy the games, that you get a gazillion invites everyday. Blame FB for having those games or blame the nature of the games for encourage people to add massive amount of random strangers. It's not the users that are annoying, it's the features/games that are offered on/by Facebook.

4) The Town Crier - I almost would have agreed that this is a legitimate point except the day when Facebook AND Twitter both went down due to hacker attacks, many reported feeling lost and that they had to find out about their news the traditional way, as in, the new generation prefers to obtain their fews through the town crier. If it's a service, it's not annoying. Again, there's always the option to hide this particular individual's posts.

5) The TMIer - Again, filter, filter, filter. How many more times do I have to say that?

6) The Bad Grammarian - What can I say? Language skill is slipping, and frankly, those are your friends. Start screening your friends by their language skill if that bothers you so much.

7) The Sympathy -Baiter - Again, your friends...

8) The Lurker - Don't get why that is so annoying. Do they have to make stupid comment on every thing you write to show that they are not lurker? Or are they obligated to post about their boring personal life so they don't annoy said writer? You chose to share your information online, why is it wrong for others to read them? If you don't want people to lurk about your personal life, keep a diary.

9) The Crank - see point #6 & #7

10) The Paprazzo - Shouldn't have done what you didn't want your mom to see? Shouldn't have allowed your stupid friends to take pictures of your committing such acts? Should have warned them to NOT post the pictures after you sober up? Shouldn't have have stupid friends?.... Shall I go on?

11) The Maddening Obscruist - see point #6, #7, and #9

12) The Chronic Inviter - Again, this is a problem with Facebook -- a big one. I think Facebook's purpose is very ambiguous. It's mind boggling that why a site designed for people to reconnect with old friends and maintaining connections with current friends have games that strongly encourage people to befriend random strangers. C'mon, each of these games will encourage you to invite more people, max number for a clan/group/mob is 500, and the more you have, the more advantage you have in the games. By the same token listed in point #3, nobody has 500 friends, or at least very few of us do, so the atmosphere encourages those who enjoy these games to invite random strangers. There simply are no other options. Quite frankly, I'd much prefer FB to just turn into a big gaming social networking site so I don't have to spam my real friends. The invite system also sucks, everytime you start a new game, all your "friends" on facebook will appear in the invite box, and they will remain there for as long as you don't invite them. So in game #1 you have 500 "friends," you go and start a second game, of course not all 500 individuals from game #1 will necessarily play game #2, and you will need to add new people, and there are a lot of games like that. So the only way to wade through the long, long list of names is to spam every one. It's the fault of the application/game designer. Why blame the users?

C'mon, did said writer just sign up for an account for three days so he can write this half-ass article about 12 Most Annoying Types of Facebookers?

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