Friday, December 25, 2009

Why Christians Should Not Hate Non-Believers For Having Xmas Off

First off, I have never even heard this one before. Man, the bitterness and the anger, where did all those come from? Isn't this supposed to be a sharing, loving, AND joyful day of the year? Definitely not the one devoted Christian who chose to attack me over her cousin's Facebook entry. Some people really need to get their priorities straight. I think the meaning of the "merry" part of "Merry Christmas" is definitely lost on him.

Other reasons why that's a good idea:

(1) business for the retail industry. Really? You want all non-believers or pseudo-believers to stop buying and giving for Xmas? Who's going to benefit from that, especially in this economy?

(2) Keeps Christmas a public holiday. Wonder what's a bigger slap on their faces: that non-believers have it off or that we'll make it a non-public holiday? (I am still going to take it off anyway. *SLAP!!*) Do they never stop and think that no other religions' holidays are public holidays? Oh wait, these hateful bastards believe that their religion is the one and only... not to mention the lack of brain cells to think for themselves after years of brain washing. Sadness.

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