Thursday, December 24, 2009

Crazy People Around Xmas Time!

So my friend's very innocent holiday wishes to everyone (that covers all religions and even the non-religious) had surely unexpectedly spiral into this discussion between me and her distance cousin.

All I said was "happy holidays" that started the little argument. Totally living up to the (fanatic) Christians' intolerant and hateful stereotype. Her obviously not-so-bright cousin expressed that us atheists taking Xmas off is like a slap on their face. What the hell? It's a public/firm holiday, I sure as hell is not going in to work. Had I have an hourly job, my employer (except for certain retail establishments) would probably deter me from going in so they don't have to pay me overtime. My point is: why is it a slap on their face that we have the day off? It's a PUBLIC holiday. If you really want to argue the separation of church and state, we should remove that as a public holiday, then the believers and non-believers can choose whether to take Christmas off. But would they like that? Noooo, because it's a Christian holiday. (Frankly, I would not want that either. I'm not the grinch who hates Christmas. I have long associated December 25th with pretty lights, trees, festivity, food, and, of course, lots and lots of presents. Funny how I wasn't the one all bitter here.)

The cousin, as it follows most discussion/argument with (fanatic) Christians start to lose grammar, punctuation, (surprisingly the spelling held up) and of course, logic. It turned into personal attack (from him to me) shortly -- calling me a devil-worshipper. Really? That's the worst thing you can come up with? It's really not that offensive as I believe in neither Christ nor devil.

The "discussion" turned into bizarre attack about how I didn't come from my parents (as usual, all logics are gone) and my sarcasm was completely lost and my friend completely embarrassed by the behavior of her cousin, I decided it's not worth my time anymore.

Just to blow off steam here, on my own anonymous blog. :) Shit! Me having Christmas OFF is a slap on their face? What are they? Masochists? I don't feel that their bizarre and simplistic belief is a slap on my face. I do, however, find it revolting by those who insist on shoving their believes down my throat. Yes, you are a believer, good for you, but must you integrate that into every conversation? I don't jump onto my soapbox and announce that I am an agnostic every chance I get.

And, totally ironic, or not so ironic, I tried to explain that being an agnostic, I don't believe the truth of the universe is comprehensible. And that concept was completely incomprehensible to him. Evidently that made me "not come from my parents and grandparents." Really? Do I really want to stoop down to that level and continue with that conversation?

What a suitable subject for Christmas eve. Happy holidays to all and season greetings to the Spaghetti monster folks! ;)

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