Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Power of The Internet

Wow, who would have thought. I knew linking to the Santa hat will get me some hits, never did I expect 54 hits within 24 hours. That's more hits than all the days combined since the inception of this blog.

Look! I'm the 4th on the search result on Google if you use the search terms "big bang theory" + "santa hat."

Oh, and I have gotten 4 (that's FOUR) comments from people that I do NOT know. FOUR. I don't think this blog will ever see better days. T.T

Is this the power of the internet? American consumerism? Or women's desire for cute stuff (literally "as seen on TV").

Hubby said this is the "textbook definition of 'going viral'." I think he is just jealous. Bet you his blog will never see a day with 54 hits... IF he even has a blog. hehehe

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