Monday, September 28, 2009

Pet Peeve - Flu Season

I can probably dedicate an entire blog to all my pet peeves, but that wouldn't make a very positive blog now, would it? So let's just litter my pet peeves here and there in my regular blog. :)

Two annoying things that people do during flu seasons:- (1) Coming in to work sick, to get the rest of us sick. If you are sick, please stay home. Unless you have (i) no paying sick leave and/or (ii) afraid you'd lose your job and have 3 kids to support, there is no excuse. Nobody is that important. Believe me when I say that the company will continue to run flawlessly should you or I drop dead tomorrow. Matter of fact, forget about little pawns like us, should the office, region, national, or global leader dies, $50 says the company will continue to run. Same reason that should the president pass on today, our country will still exist the next day (as evidenced by the Kennedy assassination).

(2) When I take a step away to keep a reasonable distance in the faint hope of not catching what you have, tell me that "Oh, I'm not contagious anymore." Where do all these people get their medical knowledge? National Enquirer? Last I checked you are contagious as long as you have symptoms. If you have no symptoms, I wouldn't even know you are sick. Therefore, if I know you are sick, you are contagious. Do not tell me that "Oh, I am not contagious" unless you have a MD. Besides, even if you are not, and I'd prefer to keep a safe distance, it's still common courtesy.

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Dizzy said...

LOL, you fit the Kennedy assassination in your entry about the flu? Well done!

Meanwhile I completely agree! I don't know where people get that "Old Wives Tale" about not being contagious! My friend does that, and he says that dog saliva is germ free and good for you! And he knows his dog eats his own POOP!!!

Crazy people. :)