Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

If you have not yet seen the new year video produced by jibjab plastered all over,,, etc., here is the link

New Year Jib Jab Video

All things aside, 2009 is looking to be a grim year -- the housing melt down, the financial meltdown (or as they are referred to in Asia, the financial Tsunami), massive lay offs. My last day at work (before the new year), I heard rumors that there will be more lay offs come the new year. This honestly is the first time I work in a field where lay offs are real, for me and those around me. I don't think I will be among the next batch or two to go, but by the third and fourth, anything can happen.

I don't understand why companies lay off people in batches. It's bad for morale, granted, lay offs in and of itself are bad for morale, but doing it in batches are worse. It should be like peeling off a bandage -- just rip it off, you either stay or go. Nothing is worse if not knowing if you will be next. Or in my case, just knowing that people that I know will be lay off is depressing. But as the American saying goes: "When you neighbor gets laid off, it's recession; when you are laid off, it's depression." So far I am still in recession.

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