Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Little Joys in Life

I think I'm an easy to please person. Inexpensive little things make me happy -- a lighted fire place, a tub bath, Christmas tree. To me a great weekend is one that I can stay in and just watch lots of movies with my husband. (Yes, doesn't count without him.) But lately it seems these little joys are getting harder and harder to achieve.

Let's start with bubble bath. We spent a lot of time to find an apartment with a great tub, now California (as usual, I guess) is having water shortage issue, I feel guilty to enjoy such a luxury. A fire place -- air quality day. There are days in California that it's actually illegal to lit a wood burning fireplace!! That is not too much of a big deal, I really prefer an electric one better anyway, just suits my lifestyle more... oh, but then the extra electricity usage will contribute to destroying the environment and facilitate global warming... same can really be said about a Christmas tree... or our big screen TV.

Of course, all these whining just seems so petty given the fact that I still have my health, a great husband, a JOB, and a decent living place, albeit a rental. One should be grateful for what he/she has...

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