Monday, August 23, 2010


A friend of mine (Cathlolic, no less) likes to warn me about potential bad karma whenever I bad mouth someone behind their back. Why is it so ironic that she is Catholic? Because, correct me if I am wrong, I associate the entire concept of karma more with the Buddhism idea. I suppose the whole stick and carrot (Heaven v. hell) idea is a karma of sort...

Here's my thinking about her comment -- sure, I'm bad mouthing someone, but how does she know that this is not the person's karma getting back at them, through me? I might just be a middle ring of a chain, instead of the beginning of another ripple of karma. Besides, I'm not that naive to think that everybody I have came across think of me as a princess/goddess, I'm pretty sure for every person I've called names behind their back, one or more people will call me something else behind my back. So long as all these take place behind someone's back, nobody has any pent up anger, nobody's feeling gets hurt, no harm no foul, and life has, again, came a full circle.

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