Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have recently acquired the sling box, the device that allow you to watch your TV/DVR from a computer or mobile device. As I like to watch some TV before bed, I have quickly came to the realization that I am plowing through TV shows faster than they make them O.o so I started recording/watching random stuff. Granted, not every shows can be Dexter or Weeds, but if my purpose is just for something to put me to sleep, it's not difficult. However, there's got to be a line for everything. The cue for me to drop a TV show is the heart-to-heart talk between characters. Perhaps that's what I am doing wrong at work, I have never had a heart-to-heart talk with anyone I work with. What's with the let's sit down and spill our heart out with our coworkers at the end of the day? That's worse than your medical drama with the core group of people mix and match sleeping with everybody else. Of the shows that I have watched in the past, first there's Crossing Jordon, then comes Gray's Anatomy, then the latest Rookie Blue.

Heart-to-heart talk = delete from my DVR!

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