Monday, April 19, 2010


Without delving into too much details, I hate whiners. I absolutely hate people who not only take my effort for granted, but would also offer their highly unsolicited suggestions of "can we _______?" or "why can't we _________?" If you are not going to volunteer your service, STFU.

You may be used to dealing with some ridiculously accommodating or passive-aggressive individuals but if you think I am one of them, I am afraid you are gravely mistaken.

Under two situations will I tolerate whiners:

(1) you are a paying customer, because $ talks;

(2) I am paid and it's part of my job to listen to your pathetic whining, also because $ talks.

When neither one of those applies, next time you tell me "I want ________" in your little whiny noice expect to get one or more of the following responses:-

"Well, that's nice."

"And that means what to me?" or "And that concerns me how?"

"Let me try to find that rat's ass I care to give." (From Pushing Daisies, said by Elliott)

and my favorite line that I have recently learned,

"We all want many things in life, it builds character."

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