Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playing Chicken

In American English, "playing chicken" is this "game" when two cars drive at high speed straight towards each other and see who will turn away first. Obviously the psychopath with the death wish will always be the winner. I do, however, like to play chicken with fancy cars like Mercedes and BMWs on highway merges. Allow me to explain how merges work, evidently the simple concept of one car at a time depending who's further ahead eludes many people. Particularly people in fancy cars, they LOOOOVE to try to PASS you from behind during a merge. Ugh, excuse me. Anyway you look at it my car is in front of yours. Really, let me ask you this, do you seriously want to play chicken with a 10+ year old Dodge Neon? I sure as hell ain't gonna be the one who steer away first. Even if it's a no fault incident and we are each responsible for our own repair cost, I still come out ahead in $ amount. Muhahahaha. You want to play chicken at a merge, drive a crappy car!

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