Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Science and Depression

So if you know me, I love live sciences. It is very unfortunate that I do not work in that field, but I love it nonetheless. Lately I have not been able to bring myself to reading scientific news. Why? You may ask. The more I read, the more depressing I get. Why? I'll tell you why. Here's what I read, in this order:-

(1) We have successfully wiped out Mexican salamander's natural habitat (look for my earlier post for pictures. But they are very abundant in laboratories, spending their entire live in a cup no bigger than them, being experimental subjects. Just who gave us the rights to do that?

(2) Noise pollutions in the ocean are hindering whales from navigating and finding mates, possibly the cause for mass beachings.

(3) Latest article on Scientific American about sustainability of this planet.

Whether it is God or aliens who gave us intelligence, or if you subscribe to natural selection that it "just happened," I'm not sure that's such a good thing. Never had a species so actively destroy another of the same species (homocides), our habitats, and everything else that stands in our paths... or just so happen to be edible... Is there really a justification for all these?

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