Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year Resolution

So the mother-in-law and the husband's nephew were over for the holidays. It wasn't too stressful or as bad as the family unions that Hollywood likes to portray, but it certainly did not feel very holiday-ish. I felt that I can use a do-over Christmas. The saving grace is we didn't have to travel anywhere for Thanksgiving or Christmas. 2011 - the year both my grandparents passed away.

So people at work have been asking me whether I have made any new year resolution. What? Why? Who are we kidding, by now I'm well aware that I will not be able to stick to any of my own resolution. Hahaha. If anything, I would like to blog on a more regular basis -- like daily -- and I just made my first entry on the 6th....technically the morning of the 7th... speaking of new year's resolution. Last year I made a similar resolution, I think I got to January 15th... or maybe it was 16th... 17th? What a joke.

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