Friday, March 19, 2010

The Wisdom of The 70s Show

Red's wife in 70s show told her husband once, "When a woman come into the store (he sells home applicances), all she knows is what color she wants (as opposed to the actual features of the item)." She couldn't be more right. :D Specifically when I went to look for a hubby, all I know is he will be White. Hahaha.

Hubbies aside (polyandry?), that rule of thumb still applies, the cuteness of item matters to me. Features are important too... but cuteness plays a very big role. So as it turns out, Fry's and even Blockbuster sell these uber cheap headphones, and they are, you guessed it, CUTE. Did I mention uber cheap? So I had to buy them. I bought a $4.99 pair from Blockbuster. Surprisingly, it works! I know, I had my doubts. It stopped working after about a week or two. At first I assumed it's the integrity of the product, but lucky for the company Hubby came clean that it was him who broke it. No, I did not get upset. Quite the contrary, I was very excited that now I had the perfect reason to go try a different pair (cuz there are just SO many cute headphones out there)! I found the absolutely cheapest one possible -- the low, low price of $3.99! Still pink! Still pretty! Interestingly enough, it still works... depending on which way you twists it. For the most part it serves its purpose.

Lesson learned: $4.99 is the cheapest one can go for headphones, at least in the US of A.

I saw a couple more pretty pairs at Fry's... just waiting for the perfect excuse to present itself. :)

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