Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Saw the advertisement of Kiva.org while trying to watch celebrity apprentice online. Wow, major advertisement budget. Effectively, I hope, judging by the fact that we went out of donee by Sunday again. [To the Christian lady I mentioned in my previous blog: helping those in need make you a good person. Helping them without flaunting about your achievement make you an even better person.]

Long story short, Kiva.org is a website that allows you to do microfinancing -- making small loans to those who live in poverty, where a little sum can go a long way, help them jump start/maintain their entrepreneurship, get the money back. Years ago I've donated to Grameen Foundation, a similar establishment but Kiva is better in that you get to put a face to your donation (loan), AND you can reasonably expect the recipient of the loan to repay you, then you can choose between loaning your money to another individual/group, donate to Kiva, or pull your fund back out. I truly like the transparency of that. It's been to be able to "see" where the money went, and see it coming back, instead of not knowing how much of my donation really went to helping people and how much is tied up in administrative fees. Scroll down this blog to see the link to Kiva.org.

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