Friday, November 21, 2008

What the No on 8 People Did Wrong

So what did the No on 8 people go wrong? They didn't use kids in their commercials. Haven't they learned anything yet? You don't fight fair. Making logical advertisements only caters to those who are going to vote No on Prop 8 anyway. If you are truly trying to sway people from the other side over, you must use communications that they understand -- kids.

Is it me or people just go nuts whenever it's perceived that children are involved? Crimes that that involved kids are "heinous." All crimes are heinous, whether it happens to kids, women, men, elderly! Look at the commercials that the Yes on 8 peeps did!! A little girl saying "Mommy, I want to marry a princess too when I grow up." Isn't that a bit extreme?

So "we" (No on 8 peeps) should have ads with children too. I am thinking a VERY adorable kid with big eyes, "Daddy, please don't teach me to grow up to be a hateful and angry person." Or how about kids adopted by same sex parents, "With Daddies/Mommies, I will not be here." Or preferrably both. They should come and consult my advice next time we vote on this issue.

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